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Google's Robert Wong and VCU Brandcenter's Rick Boyko

Last week the folks at Google brought a small army of trainers and a truckload of technology to the VCU Brandcenter as part of their Google Campus program.

In the early morning hours, workers started unloading trucks containing loads of interactive kiosks, touchscreen monitors and – just as essential for attracting the attention of graduate students – buckets of candy and snacks. By the time students started trickling in, they encountered about 30 Google employees, and the Brandcenter had been transformed into the Googleplex for a day.

The students and faculty were treated to in-depth discussions of a wide range of technology from Google Analytics and AdWords to new features in YouTube and GPS applications tied to Google Android and Google Maps. For the Brandcenter’s 200 students and faculty, it provided great exposure to new methods of engaging consumers in an increasingly digital world. And for Google, it was a smart investment aimed at influencing the influencers who will help to shape the future of brand building.

Richmond advertising firm The Martin Agency co-sponsored the event and many of their leaders attended – I ran into Mike Hughes, John Adams, Bruce Kelley, Matt Williams, Steve Bassett and others. Robert Wong, Creative Director at Google Creative Labs, gave a fascinating talk that covered a variety of creative topics and demonstrated some of the ways Google tries to live up to its “Don’t be Evil” motto.

In all, it was an outstanding event that provoked ongoing conversations about shaping brands in a connected culture.