After posting a comment on Twitter about the Art of Shaving acquisition by P&G, I got a note from a student, Joe Hagel, telling me how great the Art of Shaving stores are. A week later, in DC’s Washington Square, I ran across one of the stores and went inside. I was met by Enrique Navarrete, a well-dressed gent who quickly engaged me in a conversation about shaving and proceeded to demonstrate the proper method at the sink in the store. This had become more that a visit by a curious brand strategist, it was now about my face, and the wrongs inflicted upon it over years of clumsy shaves. I left with a full set of man-pampering tools and lotions, a new respect for the Art of Shaving and a faint scent of sandalwood. This is the kind of experience that builds a great brand. Thanks Joe and Enrique!

[This is a follow-up to the Art of Shaving story below.]