Fortune Most Admired Companies

Fortune Most Admired Companies

Spend much time reading today’s headlines and you’ll get the impression that big businesses are just decaying hulks of greed and corruption. But a new article in Fortune reminds us that many corporations are not only surviving, but earning the admiration of their peers.

The list of the world’s most admired companies includes innovative consumer brands like Disney, Apple, Google and Southwest Airlines, along with respected holding companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Procter & Gamble. Skim through the top 50 and you’ll be reminded there are still leaders in this world.

Brand-builders should note there are two key qualities exhibited by most of the companies on the list: The vision to avoid the crowd and the wisdom to build long-term stability. As always, individuality and predictability are the building blocks for great brands.

The Top 20:

1    Apple
2    Berkshire Hathaway
3    Toyota Motor
4    Google
5    Johnson & Johnson
6    Procter & Gamble
7*    FedEx
7*    Southwest Airlines
9    General Electric
10    Microsoft
11    Wal-Mart Stores
12    Coca-Cola
13    Walt Disney
14    Wells Fargo
15    Goldman Sachs Group
16    McDonald’s
17    IBM
18    3M
19    Target
20    J.P. Morgan Chase