Steve Jobs Apple

This week brought a handful of media calls asking about brands in the news. “Does Super Bowl advertising make economic sense?” “How can Detroit Automakers restore their brand?” “How will Steve Jobs’ leave of absence to address a serious illness affect Apple’s Brand?”

That last one got to me. A human being says he is too sick to work, and all the media can ask about is what the affect will be on the stock price.

Steve Jobs gave birth to Apple in 1976 and restored it from near-certain death in 1987. He requested no salary upon his return and held no Apple stock. He didn’t do it for economic gain. He was crazy enough to think he could change the world – and he did. 

He revolutionized the computer industry, the music industry, the phone industry and the animated movie industry. He brought tools for creativity to everyone, with software for editing video and photography, words and music. He built marketplaces where musicians and programmers could bypass intermediaries to sell their work.  Along the way, he built a small army of brilliant and creative thinkers who go to work every day thinking differently. 

So for a little while, this army will carry the torch – as they should. They will let Steve Jobs rest and recover – as we should.

Be well Mr. Jobs. We wish you the power to be your best.