It back to school time, and for graduate students at VCU’s Brandcenter, it’s time to get immersed in “Cultural Exploration” and “Advanced Brand Management”, two courses I teach on Mondays.

Cultural Exploration is a guided tour through a wide variety of cultural experiences from a night at the Virginia Opera to experiencing art at street level during Richmond’s First Friday ArtWalk. In addition to immersing themselves in culture, students will read books and complete assignments aimed at demonstrating that cultural inspiration is a powerful tool for those who create brand images, messages and experiences. 

Advanced Brand Management may not be as free and fun as Cultural Exploration, but it’s just as important to the careers of our Creative Brand Management students. They will learn important fundamentals of building brands, engaging communities and persuading consumers, with topics ranging from reviving troubled retail brands to developing profitable product-line extensions and managing multiple sales channels. Along the way, they’ll hear from experienced brand managers for some of the nation’s leading brands.

And for those who wish to learn vicariously, many of the course materials will be posted in the resources section of this site.