GEICO Flintstones

GEICO and its advertising partner, The Martin Agency, are no stranger to cultural references. Past campaigns have used icons like Little Richard, Charo and Burt Bacharach and their Gecko is climbing the ladder to the kind of fame enjoyed by seasoned icons like Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean. (Though the lack of Gecko merchandise means it still holds no place in my advertising icon collection – are you listening Martin?)

On the heels all these story lines, comes Bedrock’s most famous family, the Flintstones. Turns out those rocks of Wilma’s have precipitated an investigation that reveals GEICO’s role in the family finances. Even more far fetched is the story of how Jed Clampett’s wealth didn’t come from “black gold” but from car insurance savings. You know, GEICO is pretty picky about it’s underwriting, so it’s hard for me to believe the Clampett’s truck was insurable. It would be easier to swallow that GEICO forked over out a big settlement on Mr. Drysdale’s policy after he bumped into Granny.

Regardless of the storyline, I have to give credit to Steve Bassett and the rest of the GEICO team for marrying culture and advertising in interesting ways. Now if only I could get Royksopp’s “Remind Me” out of my head.

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